All our tables are tested according to : EN 15372 L3. Accordingly to our quality test.

Patent Pending: The developer Steen Hansen has applied for Patent in 2014 on THE LOCK. 



The table takes up only 7 cm, when it is folded, and can therefore be stacked 20 pcs. In a length of 140 cm.

The construction of the table with the special aluminum rail and the patent Pending LOCK gives an extra ordinary strong framework. This gives the possibility to use even very light tabletops. Supported with a 19 mm tabletop weighs the table in size 120 x 80 of only about 23 kgs.



The tables comes in width: 60, 65, 70, 80, 90 and 100 cm and in various lengths up to 240 cms. The variety of table sizes allows you to solve any task with modular tables. Uniquely you can mount the chair suspensions under the table without increasing the stacking height. Further, the chair suspensions are flexible in the width.



The low weight and the design of the aluminum rail helps the user to easily and simple stacking of the tables. Just one person easily takes the tables in and out of storage. By stacking the tables’ upright on the trolley, you get a rapid and efficient workflow. On SNAP frame two inner wheels will help users avoid unnecessary lifting. It is possible to put inner wheels on one side of the frame on the rest of collection.

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