Our story

We set out to create superior, high functional products within an industry that has traditionally been all about form and expression

Hard work and brilliant innovation

The story behind 1000dots’ unique design is one of innovation and creative drive. 
In 2013, after 20 years as an entrepreneur in the furniture industry, Steen Hansen set about developing a folding table that would be stronger, more stable and easier to handle – and would require less storage space, than previous designs. The idea was to create a table that would weigh less, have a low stacking height and be more sturdy and quick to assemble. It also had to be competitively priced and methodically distributed.


Our mission

At 1000dots, our focus is on the functionality of every process. We collaborate closely with the market to create innovative solutions that overcome the challenges facing professional and flexible work environments and spaces where people gather. We apply our functional approach to all aspects of our work – from idea to distribution and delivery to the customer.

Our vision

1000dots wants to be the market leader in developing and manufacturing furniture and furniture accessories that optimise professional environments with high demands for flexibility, functionality and quality. We will continue to challenge established practices by keeping the flow of people in the room and building at the heart of our design.