SH1000 – the Patented Locking Mechanism

The clever way of folding

The patented SH1000 mechanism used in our folding tables is designed and produced in Denmark. All our folding table frames have been tested by the Danish Technological Institute according to EN 15372 L3. The frames are STAND ALONE, which means that the legs are 100% stable and extremely strong – even without a table top.

Our patented locking mechanism withstands extreme tension. As a result, the frame has achieved L3 approval, which makes it ideal for use in educational institutions, oil rigs, hotels, cruise ships and other similar environments that are subjected to substantial wear and tear. The simplicity of the design also makes our tables ideal for meeting rooms and conference facilities. The aluminium rail, which connects the two folding frame legs, keeps the total weight of a standard table down to approximately 23 kg – making it easy for one person to move it. Are you interested in an even lighter solution? Your own table tops will bring the weight down even further, to under 18 kg.